Adieu, Russian Sojourn

This particular series was started so that you and I could see Russia through the lens of a friend Gaurav Singh. Naming it Russian Sojourn, this also gave me a chance to introduce a couple of new ideas and a poll that had many trying to figure out what exactly is it that fails them in achieving sobriety. The first topic was posted on the fourth of March this year and the last one on the twenty fifth of the same month. Although I personally never wanted this to end but somehow the topic just faded away and following that he had also returned to India. The links below would take you to all the four topics.

Russian Sojourn #1 : Right Spirit

Russian Sojourn #2 : Black & White

Russian Sojourn #3 : Russian Brothel

Russian Sojourn #4 : Nature Calling

Believing that everything has an end led me to write this post. Now I just want the human race to come to an end. I don’t think there could be anything that is even remotely close to being as annoying as humans are. In any case I bid farewell to the topic. I said it once I’ll say it again. Adieu, Russian Sojourn!

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