album review : Thornography (2006) – Cradle of Filth

album : Thornography

artist : Cradle of Filth

genre : Extreme Gothic Metal

year : 2006

Cradle of Filth got deviated from what they are supposed to do and started taking perversion and acting stupid way to seriously. That impacted their albums. Infact get hold of any Cradle of Filth fan and ask him/her about their favorite Filth work and pat comes the reply that it ended for them after Damnation and a Day. Even I feel the same but I’d add a couple of tracks from Nymphetamine too. Post-Nymphetamine they released their seventh album Thornography in 2006 which is nothing short of a disaster.

Symphonic black metal to extreme gothic metal, the transformation has been weird and certainly not doing the band any good. I do not know whether the band is still considered successful as I simply do not follow them anymore and this has been the mood since 2005.

Very recently I found someone abusing the band on some forums and realized Filth has released two albums after Nymphetamine. I got those and now I know why the abusive dude was doing that. Right from the moment Thornography begins playing you feel the members are personally applying shit on your face. Add to that tolerating the feeling for thirteen tracks. Not pleasant, right?

From complete symphony to no sign of symphony at all, it seems like they have threatened the keyboardist from playing. That if he does his wife would be on the next Filth cover. Poor chap had to agree, for fear of the kind of things they’d do to his wife. Dani gives the same kind of screeches as he always did but that does not in anyway heal the wound.

Dani covered up the annoying album title by saying that it represents mankind’s obsession with sin and self, with the album being darker, more adult fairytale. Dude Dani, it’s the band’s obsession with skin and elfs! And as far as the adult fairytale is considered don’t I have a more pleasurable subject out there if I just replace the T from your title with a beaming P?

Rating : 1/5

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