album review : Road Salt One (2010) – Pain of Salvation

album : Road Salt One

artist : Pain of Salvation

genre : Progressive Metal/Rock

year : 2010

There is an outburst of emotions on the seventh studio album of progressive metal/rock band Pain of Salvation. Considering Road Salt One this is one half of the two-part release, Road Salt Two is going to be something to watch out for in early-2011. Pain of Salvation is a band that isn’t prone to mistakes if we go by their catalogue of albums. Switching smoothly between progressive metal and rock they have had albums that has branded them as a one of a kind band.

With a razor sharp method of playing their instruments the band incorporates various layers of vocal effects too. The second half of the album is more oriented towards  hardcore progressive rock fans, and more stress on the terms ‘hardcore’ and ‘progressive rock’. My picks from the album would be SistersLinoleum and Where It Hurts, Innocence.

India is getting closer to Pain of Salvation‘s debut gig here happening in January 2011 and listening to Road Salt One live would shake everyone. Fans of the band will find it hard to spot the least likeable tracks on the album. A good release that is worth several spins.

Rating : 3/5

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