album review : Everything Remains as It Never Was (2010) – Eluveitie

album : Everything Remains as It Never Was

artist : Eluveitie

genre : Folk/Melodic Death Metal

year : 2010

As compared to the other ‘major’ folk acts around Eluveitie is one band that was formed pretty late. Nevertheless they knew their music very well and that was something that could not be taken away from them. Having eight members, defining each of their parts, knowing how to play innumerable instruments – all of this isn’t child’s play and Eluveitie do a mighty good job of all this. Their fourth full-length album named Everything Remains as It Never Was released in February this year and I am late in writing about this album.

They’ve got thirteen tracks with such folk melody that will make many other mediocre folk bands think twice before continuing. Heavy usage of mandolin, tin, low whistles, bagpipes, fiddle with softness of the clean parts and brutality of screeches makes this one varied set of tracks being put together. And if acoustic bits, chorus and chants have not been mentioned then be assured the album has all of that in abundance. There is nothing that seems out of place and at the same time picking favorites would not be required.

Eluveitie has always been promising and strong, and on Everything Remains as It Never Was they have just been themselves with a better music sense. The album is a pleasant ride that is not even tedious considering the number of tracks and it just makes me yell a folk you.

Rating : 4.5/5

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