album review : Let the Devil In (2010) – Sargeist

album : Let the Devil In

artist : Sargeist

genre : Black Metal

year : 2010

Opening new avenues in the listener’s head and conquering new heights for themselves is Scandinavian black metal band Sargeist. This is the first Sargeist album I have heard and it is the third release for the band. What makes this release special is the fact that they have combined together most of the elements and moods that I have been searching for in a black metal album. At the very instant Let the Devil In began playing there was nothing else I was interested in.

All of the ten tracks are loaded with darkness, and it is not at all in the vein of the usual stuff around. The album is a world in itself and I started picking my favorite tracks on the album right from the first track Empire of Suffering. With members from Horna and Behexen which are terrific bands themselves, Sargeist does make a point that musicians from various tights acts can come together and create magic. But it is observed that more than often this is not the case.

Losing grip over my own self and surrendering to the darkness they have managed to produce on Let the Devil In, this is just the kind of music that can fittingly be the background score for my life. The album has a cover that I cannot stop praising Sargeist for. Without any doubt I’d be checking out their other two releases too and as for Let the Devil In it just sets me free.

Rating : 4.5/5

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