album review : Scenes From Hell (2010) – Sigh

album : Scenes From Hell

artist : Sigh

genre : Post-Black/Avant-Garde Metal

year : 2010

Taking several steps towards improvement, Japanese metal band Sigh with a gorgeous female vocalist have puked out their best stuff. They have stretched themselves and their eight release Scenes from Hell says all of this for itself. The band is able to convey the idea of post-black and avant-garde metal through these eight tracks without being comparable to anything else heard before – whether it is their own stuff or someone else’s.

The album has a peculiar sound to it that is creepy along with being heavily metal. Although today the best of recording and best of production can be obtained at a price, Sigh has made sure they use the money to produce an album in a raw manner and get a sound of their own. Doing this is like getting done with half the job. After various mood swings that they have demonstrated on their discography it can be safely said that they can and will do even better.

Right from the time Scenes from Hell begins playing you find yourself in a black metal carnival and the saxophone plays a crucial role in taking you there. An even greater reason to heave a sigh of relief is Dr. Mikannibal‘s presence at the carnival. Go for it.

Rating : 3.5/5

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