iRock XXV – a farce

Independence Rock XXV or iRock XXV or whatever it is. Tall claims and even longer wait has resulted in this : The same bands that we have been watching for years, have been performing every now and then are playing at the twenty fifth anniversary of the freedom concert. No, the bands on the list should play but what about the rest of the stuff. Nationwide eliminations, national finale, international finale, and international bands. There are so many more Indian bands that need exposure and have released above expectations albums this very year and all we see on the lineup are the musicians who would anyways be playing somewhere a week before or after this concert.

A website somewhere described this event as the largest Indian band talent hunt and so there is a tag attached to it. It does not require me to highlight the fact that this time iRock is happening just because it has to happen every year. Silver jubilee is supposed to mark the beginning for a better tomorrow, not go back and make things worse than the first year. Had the organizers postponed the event to 2011 with adequate reasons it could still be called iRock XXV, no?

I speak up not just as a blogger but as someone who has supported the scene whether it is buying the cds, merchandise or attending an event even if the only people around me were the organizers. This for me is a disappointment and anything from the iRock stable in the future would have a lower priority. After all this is not a family function that you are inviting your friends to play on the stage. This is fuckin’ Indian rock and if not for the fans then iRock would not have been here today. Making the event free is not going to help the cause, poseurs. And I expect the attendees to tell ‘them’ that we do listen to stuff beyond Creed.

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9 responses to “iRock XXV – a farce

  • G

    People will still go Itihas… and you should too.. If you can stand by thick .. then gather your balls to stand through thin as well! 😛

  • Gareth

    Network18. Wat do you expect from that shit ass organization.

    • Itihas Shetty

      Considering they are Network-eighteen, they are still at a teenage stage of event management.

      Jokes apart they have done well before but I did make my point in the post. Moreover it is about time there was a Network21.

  • Shabaz

    I totally agree, but i am really going for Pralay, coz they were huge once upon a time, apparently they were first Indian rock band to be shortlisted for grammys. I wanna see what they go 🙂

  • Anik

    Hahaha. I LOL’d when I read the announcement. After all the hype, international bands, insane prize money etc, we get an I-Rock worse then last years. Wadia will once again claim sponsors backed out, but I’m sure someone can do a better event then this, with just one sponsor. But yeah, after all the cockiness and attitude thrown by whoever that Anuj dude was, on the Irock facebook page, I can’t do anything but laugh at him now.
    It’s cool that old bands get to play again, but 30 minute slots? DR gets 4 songs to play. WTF? Some treatment.
    I don’t know why anyone is agreeing to do this. Bands in India are just so desperate to play whatever chance they get, they don’t care about anything else. Sucks that it has to be that way.

    • Itihas Shetty

      Can’t call the bands desperate as they will and have to play because they do not get to ‘tour’ all the time. But still this event is supposed to be encouraging fresh talent and showing them how it is to stand on that stage and perform for a large interested audience.

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