Ep review : Ayodhya Burns (2010) – Heathen Beast

ep : Ayodhya Burns

artist : Heathen Beast

genre : Black Metal

year : 2010

When a band picks up an issue and gives it a touch of its own art there is not just music but something more to it. It is more like canoodling the thoughts, quoting the expressions and delivering it straight. The Ayodhya issue has been touched by one and all but for us metalheads it was like anything else in our lives. Maybe because it wasn’t said or wasn’t spoken about in a way that we would want to take notice. But don’t get me wrong here. The Ep just makes a point that everything done in the name of Ayodhya issue was worthless. I could not agree less.

This here is a band from Bombay named Heathen Beast – a focused group of three individuals who are ‘unknown’, shun religion and they play black metal. On a normal day these things can get exciting only if the music bit is captivating. Else it would all go down like the issue itself. The contents of their debut Ep Ayodhya Burns has them flipping the coin and already knowing the result. The members go by the names Carvaka (vocals/guitars), Samkhya (bass) and Mimamsa (drums).

The Ep has three well produced tracks – Blind Faith, Religion Genocide, Ayodhya Burns – and is very much Indian in its sound. The opening riff itself will hit you, and the song is Blind Faith. Brutal and melodic in bits and pieces is what the Ep can be described as. The parity between speed, black factor, blast beats, bass playing and vocals is maintained on the Ep. The screeches need to be heard live to be believed, as it is very striking. Heathen Beast is releasing the Ep on twenty sixth of November and it would be available for free download from then on.

Black metal in India coming to a point where there is exclusivity to the genre and a no compromise tag attached to it  is something I want to see before it is too late for me. Same holds true for marijuana getting legalized. Anyways, black metal is slowly picking up with more bands believing in action. And Ayodhya Burns is a fuck yes for lovers of raw and crisp dark music. Welcome, guys!

Rating : 4/5


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