film review : Guzaarish (2010)

The opening shot of the movie makes us aware that there is a paraplegic patient being helped by a woman who gets him out of bed, brushes his teeth, feeds him breakfast and puts him on his mobile chair. Paraplegia implies that the patient has a completely paralyzed lower half including his two legs and in the lead character Ethan Mascarenhas‘s (Hrithik) case both his hands are paralyzed too. The patient cannot sense anything which includes passing of the stool too, so s/he is helpless and has to be alive at the expense of someone else taking care of her/him. The only thing that can be done is talking, and that is it.

The woman who is more than a nurse to Ethan as she does practically everything that is expected as well as not expected out of her is played by the ravishing Aishwarya and her character is named Sofia D’Souza. Going through a bad marriage and an abusive one at that she silently has a lot of respect and liking for Ethan as she has been turning his words into actions for fourteen years. And when Ethan – who is now a radio jockey – decides to file a petition in the court for mercy killing naturally it hit her bad. But he is stern on his stand as he does not want himself and others around him to suffer. And given his condition we are forced to believe him.

The petition is filed through his lawyer friend Devyani (Shernaz) who also is taken aback but goes ahead for the sake of his friendship. Two other important characters in Ethan’s life are his doctor Nayak (Suhel) and his student Omar (Aditya). Ethan is a magician and the story juggles between his present and his past where we are taken through his glory days. Omar comes and stays with Ethan with an earnest intention to learn magic and to be like his idol. In between there is love blooming between Ethan and Sofia which although is strongly felt is not made obvious. The film has well-timed unpredictable jokes as well as strong emotional content and scenes that will make you to think.

For a newcomer, Aditya is promising to say the least and he seems very comfortable already. All the other characters have been played to the tee and are seen equally affected by Ethan‘s condition as we are. Monikangana plays EstellaEthan‘s lover in his heydays and is present only for a few minutes here and there. Cinematographer Sudeep Chatterjee has made Goa look even more full of life. Sanjay Leela Bhansali who is also the music director here has a knack for that grand presentation. His movies never follow the routine and we are made to live through the joys, troubles, tribulations, feelings and emotions of Ethan.

The concept of euthanasia is vital in the story and there are many things about this subject that we come to know through Guzaarish. I cannot imagine this movie without the hunk Hrithik and now a complete performer Aishwarya. Another masterpiece about a magician brought to life by Mr. Bhansali – who is a magician himself.

Rating : 4/5

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16 responses to “film review : Guzaarish (2010)

  • World Spinner

    film review : Guzaarish (2010) « Absurd History…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  • Gaurav Singh

    Dude, this movie is such shit…i can’t believe u even bothered reviewing it ! People tend to get overly sentimental just because it is about a handicapped person and fail to see what utter rubbish, sanjay leela “blue” bhansali is selling here ! No fault of the actors but there is a serious lack of story here, and what pisses me off more is, that dumbass is using very cheap techniques to play on people emotions and getting away with it ! He did the same with Black and now with this one, although Black had some substance as it was direct life off from another one but this is really disgusting! ….and i dont have anything against the Paraplegics, but this is a really really pathetic method of garnering adulation..and people dont seem to look through it !

    • Itihas Shetty

      Apparently cinema is just about all this my friend, no?

      ‘Guzaarish’ here is not just about a paraplegic patient or garnering adulation through staunch display of emotions but also about how it has been directed. No complaints about cinematography but you will also find that Bhansali did not bother about the english content of the dialogues, he made it the way he wanted to. I thought ‘Black’ got yawny in between but here that is not the case which I think is another feather in Bhansali’s cap. ‘Ethan’ is a character dude, and how he vents his anger or shows his love has been portrayed well. His nurse ‘Sophia’ standing by him selflessly. These are qualities that are missing in all of us and it took a movie to bring things to life. Then there is this whole thing about euthanasia. I thought the movie had a lot of scope.

    • Itihas Shetty

      and about emotions what do you think Raju Hirani does. All his movies have the common man being put in some weird situation and then there is wailing over the person’s pahetic condition, but we still buy a ticket and watch his movies, right?

      • Gaurav Singh

        My only grouch with this movie is, it lacks a serious storyline. From the time the movie starts till the interval and some time after that…there is hardly anything that happens, apart from us getting a look in into how a paraplegics day goes by, i mean we are already aware of that, showing that over and over again, Sorry, to me that sounds like someone is just playing with peoples emotions in a very cheap manner !

        Black was better because, you didn’t just had a blind falling over things all the time..there was more to her life. Even “Khamoshi”…it had more than just deaf and mute’s coping with daily life. But, this is just that…. you know what would had been a better title for this… “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A PARAPLEGIC”…i am sorry but had it been a medical documentary, i would have been much happier..

  • arun

    Itihas is this movie worth to watch ???

  • arun

    ok then i must ….

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  • arun

    dude i liked the movie a lot … thats why i thought why u liked it …

  • Saurav

    Well Itihas your reviews are always worth while reading !! I havent yet watched the movie, but then yea directed a short movie on exactly the same topic “Euthanasia”. Well i would like you to watch and comment on that too…

    The link is

  • rahul

    Bang on man! I wonder why people are not liking this movie. For me, this is the BEST SLB movie ever, followed by Khamoshi.

    Nicely reviewed!

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