album review : Road To The Octagon (2010) – Impaled Nazarene

album : Road To The Octagon

artist : Impaled Nazarene

genre : Black Metal

year : 2010

Metal is vast, and there are no dearth of players. There are bands and then there are institutions. Impaled Nazarene makes it to the latter list as they have not deviated from their roots. They played it then, they play it now and they will continue playing it. Vocalist Mika Luttinencan can be rivalled by only a few around as he is headstrong and does his job like he doesn’t know anything else. Been around since 1990 and after two decades I don’t have to spend time thinking whether Impaled Nazarene would lose its position in my eye.

Tenth album Road To The Octagon has an album cover with some helpless men hanging themselves by the neck which is an ass-kicking visual in itself. How wonderful it’d be if atleast half the worthless people around us did that to themselves. Tingling thought, right? With atleast one track containing ‘goat’ consistently present on all of their albums I couldn’t dare think of it not being present this time too. There it is sitting on eight position named Cult of the Goat.

Finish your farting and burping before the album begins as the songs are all full of hate and like I said before Mika gives a blowjob to the mike like nobody else. Road To The Octagon has thirteen tracks people. Now you shouldn’t be surprised if you have always heard Impaled Nazarene. They’ve also had seventeen before. Off these thirteen we have a couple of them which have been done in style and ward off anything that is remotely not evil are Corpses, Under AttackConvulsing Uncontrollably, Gag Reflex and Rhetoric Infernal.

Impaled Nazarene from Finland have made the right moves and Road To The Octagon commemorates the triumph of darkness and hatred.

Rating : 4/5

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