album review : In War and Pieces (2010) – Sodom

album : In War and Pieces

artist : Sodom

genre : Thrash/Black Metal

year : 2010

Would you miss a Sodom release for anything in the world? Not that you would not, but you just should not deprive yourself of some German metal that sounds like this. Since 1981 Sodom has been narrating their story and they have managed to shatter the windows and stop the traffic. After repeatedly playing Sodom‘s thirteen album In War and Pieces I feel the band is still in their teenage years ready to take on anything.

Released in two Cds, In War and Pieces has twenty one songs in all. A complete delight for a fan of thrash metal, there are ten live tracks in the second cd that had formed the band’s playlist in Wacken Open Air 2007. Getting amazed by the tracks on the first cd is all you can do as Sodom‘s aggression cannot be controlled and their speed cannot be reduced. Vocalist Thomas Such has fronted the band since its inception and twenty nine years later too the man is provocative.

The fine line between thrash metal and dark elements in their music is made thicker on this album. As has always been a trait of the band their music is not misleading this time around too with tracks dedicated to their genre. Solos have been belted without any selfishness. Take for instances HellfireNothing Counts More Than BloodStorm Raging Up, Knarrenheinz. The cover art is the only aspect that I could not digest.

All set to complete thirty years of their existence in 2011, Sodom can still give any band a run for their money and In War and Pieces is worth all your money.

Rating : 4/5

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