film review : Break Ke Baad (2010)

Holy crap! Kunal Kohli always made bad movies. But still I took a chance this time as he wasn’t handling the camera. Also the actors looked decent. And when I am saying all of the above things I spell expectations. Is expecting such a bad thing?

From the first frame to the last frame Break Ke Baad is boring, and most importantly there is no story. Goes something like this – two lovers Abhay (Imran) and Aaliya (Deepika) are dating each other before they knew what love is. Trust me even the growing up bit has been spoiled. When it is clear that they have crossed the stage of puberty and are now old enough to take up jobs and responsibilities the movie becomes even more shitty. Aaliya wants to go to Australia for some course and hence begins the insecurities. The couple begins arguing more as it was turning into a long distance thing. Both are from well-off rich families so the argument too looks artificial.

Aaliya leaves and the distance between her and Abhay becomes more than just the physical separation. New place, new friends and Abhay‘s increasing possessiveness frustrates Aaliya and she decides to take a break which with time becomes a breakup. In between all this the wealthy hero also shifts to Australia and that is when things got worse. Strange! The characters in the movie are becoming mature, and time is seen going by but for us audience it remains still. After prolonging the rape there is again a realization phase which takes Aaliya to India as Abhay had already left. You know what follows. They get married, have kids and the like.

a drab flick.

What needs to be noted here is that even the scenes between the lead pair which are supposed to be breezy and romantic make you blow some air at the ceiling. Shahana and Yudhishtr play their characters quite well but they just had to make sure they looked like fools. Other actors are not even worth mentioning. Debutante director Danish Aslam knows how to make a movie out of an idea, but that sucks. Vishal-Shekhar did manage some peppy songs but there was no background score when it was needed. Imran has opened up and isn’t that stiff anymore and Deepika as the commitment-phobic female wasn’t bad either, but still many around me did doze off.

Kunal Kohli already did bad as a director and now he is taking on production too. Someone please tell this dude we do not want to see him even after the break.

Rating : 2/5

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