album review : Erebos (2010) – Hate

album : Erebos

artist : Hate

genre : Death/Black Metal with Industrial influence

year : 2010

In Greek mythology Erebos represents the personification of darkness and shadow, which is filled in all the corners and crannies of the world. And Polish band Hate are strangely similar to the defined personification. Hailing from the same country as Behemoth and Vader, Hate has been promulgating the the emotion since 1990. Their seventh full-length Erebos is ready to blast and you ought to get it.

Erebos has ten tracks, and the intro is acoustic with some strumming. As Behemoth and Hate started their careers at almost the same time and decided to play almost the same genre their sound is difficult to distinguish. Soon after the album began playing it was easier to notice the similarity. But then the industrial metal impression that Hate has, along with the blast beats and twin guitar invasion does the trick. The rhythm section and lead together strengthen the tracks.

On several tracks the band is less ‘brutal’ and this is seen happening more in the second half of the album. To summarize, Erebos is an apartment that has been rented out by these black/death metallers, and it is made sure the tenants run out of the place after knowing the kind of hatred the band is referring to.

Key tracksLux Aeterna, Rinity Moons, Hero Cults, HexagonyLuminous Horizon

Rating : 3.5/5

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