album review : The World Is Yours (2010) – Motörhead

album : The World Is Yours

artist : Motörhead

genre : Heavy/Speed Metal

year : 2010


Lemmy Kilmister is an iconic figure in the heavy metal world, and according to me is also one of the oldest yet good looking frontman of a metal band. And his heavy/speed metal outfit Motörhead from UK is twenty one albums old now. Twenty one, people! So at this stage judging their album would not make much of a difference. They have touched every nook and corner of the metal world and know the nitty gritties enough to release something that would be noticed and heard anyways. But even their twenty first album The World Is Yours does raise enough hair.

As soon as the album is played the sound and production of The World Is Yours takes you on a tour of the rock, roll and heavy metal world. There is also a song that goes by the name Rock N Roll Music which has some honest lyrics and Lemmy is seen enjoying his lines. Phil Campbell shreds his guitar in a way which is indicative of him being the fulcrum on the album. Supporting Lemmy on the bass is Mikkey Dee with his fast yet groovy drumming. I had complete fun listening to The World Is Yours with all the extended solos played on a tone which only these talented oldies manage to come up with.

No picking favorites this time as the entire album needs to be heard. The world might not be yours but according to Motörhead‘s new title it is, and with the way Lemmy is going I thought he wanted to say ‘the world is mine’. This heavy/speed release is an album of today but it still is reminiscent of the good old days.

Rating : 4/5

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