album review : [id] (2010) – Veil Of Maya

album : [id]

artist : Veil of Maya

genre : Technical Progressive Deathcore

year : 2010

Just one word – wow!

Do the members of Veil of Maya play their instruments in a way not known to the rest of us? Or, do they plug the instruments into their nerves and then transform their thoughts into songs? These and many more questions arise when you listen to [id], their third studio album. There are so many ‘bands’ coming out of United States that being noticed would really take something. And Veil of Maya has stood out as their music is as intricate and interesting as their name. Technical progressive deathcore is what defines their music, and the band is true to the core as they are ever so technical and ever so progressive deathcore.

[id] is, according to me, their best work till date and the technical complications are seen in their intro track [id] itself. The album progresses rapidly as there are short and very much bearable tracks. Some of the songs that I remember by name and have swept me off my feet are Unbreakable, Dark Passenger, The Higler, Resistance and Mowgli. And the one track which shines the brightest is Codex. It is placed at the end of the album and hence makes maximum impact.

Drums and bass for Veil of Maya are like blood and cells for humans. While I try not to get too carried away by their music, I have another question when the album winds up – is Veil of Maya actually playing on the album or is it another cloak of illusion?

Rating : 4.5/5

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