strum the Powerchords

In the recent years college festivals in India have played a pivotal role in building up the live rock/metal scene. Be it by getting down artists who could only be seen on DVDs, organizing events on a massive scale or providing platforms and prizes that could kickstart a band’s career overnight. But I hold a belief that it is these young heads at colleges who pull off events with ease because they are given the freedom, power and environment to walk the extra mile. One such event that has been in the spotlight and is moving up on the popularity charts of Indian college festival circuit is Powerchords – organized annually by South Indian Education Society College (S.I.E.S.), Bombay.

The institute has a name in the country, and saying anything more would not make it bigger. S.I.E.S college has been around since 1932 and is now one massive chain of colleges providing anybody to learn anything, whether it is to do with science, arts, commerce or higher learning. You know what I mean by ‘higher’ learning, don’t you? You’d get the details of the degrees and streams from their prospectus and we really should switch gears now. With the same motive that aims at normal functioning of student-brain, every year a cultural festival happens here. Powerchords is one wing of the festival that is got to do with music, and in layman’s terms it is a ‘rock show’.

Developing a rapport with the music lovers and the promise of a louder and better event every other time has been this concert’s highlight. Powerchords has not been a place for the so-called ‘pussy’ bands and this has been made clear by the names that have appeared before. By far they have had Zephyr, Medusa, Devoid, Bhayanak Maut, Kryptos, Infernal Wrath, Atmosfear and Zygnema.

Sometime in the last week of November there was a chaotic period when news started doing the rounds about the event getting canned this year. Well it turned out to be baseless and the organizing committee has been making efforts to overturn the assumptions. Preparations are on in full swing to make the evening memorable and to make sure your moshing gear does not get wasted. With the first step towards achieving this obviously being the bands getting signed, here are the ones who get to shake and break a leg or two this year.

Undying Inc (Delhi)
Inner Sanctum (Bangalore)
Zygnema (Mumbai)
Zealous (Mumbai)
Asylum (Mumbai)

Terrifying lineup and by no means relenting. December 11th it is and you will be poor by just 150 Indian rupees. That is the entry pass fee and if there are any issues then you need to bug Shruti (9920871859) and Nirman (9769836797).

Those of you looking forward to the event can continue doing so. And now that you know the line-up it is the right time to start dancing naked. All the power to Powerchords 2010 and as is rightly said – the game is on!

Infernal Wrath killing it at Powerchords ’09

[The pictures have been lifted from niksphotography]


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