Ep review : The Tomb Within (2010) – Autopsy

ep : The Tomb Within

artist : Autopsy

genre : Death Metal

year : 2010

After their last release in the last decade named Shitfun which proved to be more of shit and less of fun, Autopsy did not enter the studio to release anything. Called it quits in 1995 and just when we were about to forget the band due to enough number of compilation releases and live albums they sprung into action again. The Tomb Within is a straight out death metal Ep, the way Autopsy likes doing. You cannot take back as much as you did on Severed Survival and Mental Funeral but The Tomb Within has sufficient amount of death metal. Not sure whether all listeners of dirty old school metal would be overjoyed but the quality is still retained. At times this release does bring to light the parts that have been stretched a little too much. Listen to the Ep so you can fill your palette with the colors of some reliable extreme metal.

Key tracksThe Tomb Within, Seven Skulls, Mutant Village

Rating : 3/5

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