gig review : Black Metal Krieg (December, 2010)

Bombay’s first black metal gathering (or rather, India’s first) proved to be a success in its own right, and blessed be the rest of Bombay for not being present at B69, Andheri. We already had so many human beings that some more could have spoiled the dark party. Considering there were two metal gigs on the same day, coming to B69 was an easy call to take. I had been pining for something on the same lines to happen since a while now and was glad there are people in the scene who wanted atleast one venue to be painted completely black.

Four bands with different sounds and approaches towards the genre were to go one by one. Ofcourse. First ones to let out themselves were Spiked Crib. They’ve been around for a while now and their sound is known. But it was clear that this time they had come on stage with an impact making attitude. Their tracks were identified by the crowd and that is always a good sign for any band. They have tightened a lot since the last time and there were tremors at B69 when they covered Fear of the Dark. Yes they are a band but not just another one.

spiked crib.

Dhishti came all the way from Sri Lanka and along with them they got depressive/suicidal music and corpse paint. Although the paint didn’t feel necessary, whatever they did during their set showed they knew what they were doing. The members played their parts well, especially the vocalist who had a good command over the mike. Which means that he made sure he was fronting a depressive metal band. Impressive vocals. Watching a suicidal band live for the first time I must add that Dhishti did make me feel this genre is better on the record than live. That may not be true for every depressive band though. I am done saying what I had to, you can use the comments section to say what you have to.


We were all waiting for Delhi-based  1833 AD. Having earned quite a name for the kind of songs they make and being my personal favorites, 1833 AD are also known for their live shows. Although late for a Bombay debut, a gig in 2011 would have been even more late. So yea, four-piece 1833 AD got down to solving the puzzle and it transformed into some serious energy for the crowd. I am not sure whether everyone understood what was going on but I did get positive vibes. There were lot less poseurs this time.

As for the performance the band kicked so much ass that re-making Brokeback Mountain doesn’t seem like a good idea. They owned the place and had the crowd on their toes, thanks to the kind of bands they kept naming. They did end up doing some unexpected covers. And I will not comment any further about their originals, just read that I am a fan for life.

1833 ad.

Here’s the setlist :

1833 AD
Inheritance Evil
Ten Gods
Tyrants (Immortal cover)
Wiser than the Wisest
God Loves the Dead (Ancient cover)
My Funeral (Dark Funeral cover)
Freezing Moon (Mayhem cover)
Who Will Kill the Emperor

1833 AD is, at the moment, the finest example of black metal from India. Watch out for their upcoming album.

I could not stay for the last band Stark Denial to floor me as I reside on that side of Bombay where we have the second airport coming up. You are right, travelling from an existing airport to an upcoming one without an aircraft is tough. But as they say pictures speak louder than words, here is one that is more expressive than what my choice of words could have done.

stark denial.

More of such gigs are needed to bring out bands that play this beloved genre and hope we don’t have to end up being happy with just a debut. Thanks to people at NYDM India and B69 for Black Metal Krieg‘s  first edition . Black metal is always for the win, and we emerged as winners on this particular night.

[ Pictures – courtesy of Manasi Kale and Ashish Kamble. ]

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