album review : Descent Into Chaos (2011) – Legion of the Damned

album : Descent Into Chaos

artist : Legion of the Damned

genre : Death/Thrash Metal

year : 2011

The new year’s first review on my blog and I’m extremely pleased to have been able to hear this one and even more so to have written about it. Four words and four members describe the band and the genre they play. 2011’s first big release and is slated to come out on the seventh of this month. But like several other things that this blog is known for it has the review almost a week before the release. Having said that, I love my metal and I respect it even more.

Coming back to the review, new music from Legion of the Damned‘s nest is for all occasions and moods. They begin from they they left but only this time they sound better. Nailing death/thrash and pausing at intervals to include some nice groove here and there is how I’d summarize Descent Into Chaos. I didn’t really get into the intro Descent Into Chaos as the album could have done without it or maybe a better one in place of that. Track two introduces a barrage of tracks that are going to follow. More than the vocals Night of the Sabbath is instrument oriented.

Next track War is in My Blood is what I was referring to when I mentioned groove before. There is a pattern and then there is your head. They both roll together. This is particularly noticed on Killzone and The Hand of Darkness. For some reason I find a lot of Slayer influence at least on the next track Shrapnel Rain. You might not even notice this because the track as a whole has a different story to tell.

Holy Wars has touched every metalhead’s life so don’t get carried away by the name of track number five Holy Blood Holy War. This particular one here is out and out deathrash, much like Desolation Empire and Repossessed. I can’t say the same about the entire album though. Track seven shares it name with an Iron Maiden track. The similarity ends there. Lord of the Flies starts off with the plucking of certain strings, moves ahead to change the pace and falls into it’s comfort zone.

With their fifth release Descent Into Chaos in perfect shape, Legion of the Damned can now close all five of their fingers and they just need to hold out that powerful fist of theirs, and everyone else in the vicinity would automatically be warned.

Rating : 4/5

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