album review : Elysium (2011) – Stratovarius

album : Elysium

artist : Stratovarius

genre : Melodic Power Metal

year : 2011

Solos, belted out from the axe and the keyboard make up the thirteenth album of these five Finnish metallers. A name that has never been hard to remember, Stratovarius has produced many dynamites along the way. Having their own brand of power metal, and through their own tales they have managed to be amongst the better ones.

An average power metal listener need not look any further as the songs that Elysium comprises of has the extreme vocal ranges, the guitar being pulled and the riffs being churned out assiduously. There are these occasional chorus sections too that capture the essence of a hall full of people trying to echo the same sentiments, adding to the fantasy aspect they are known for.

The eighteen minute long title track brings together all the instruments so they can mate and reproduce magic. Elysium – the album – does not fall short, it has required amount of power and sufficient metal too. The songs do allure darkness in bits but somewhere in between you realize the album getting too full of music and the song structures sounding too sweet, which might turn out to be dangerous for diabetics.

Key tracksDarkest Hours, Infernal Maze, Move The Mountain, The Game Never Ends, Elysium

Rating : 3.5/5

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