album review : Rain Without End (1997) – October Tide

album : Rain Without End

artist : October Tide

genre : Melodic Doom/Death Metal

year : 1997

I vouch for this album myself as it was produced with the intention of mocking happiness. Jonas Renkse (ofcourse, Katatonia) has another side project named Bloodbath, but he lent his name to October Tide too is something I wasn’t aware of. Rain Without End is one of the rare albums that has him providing harsh vocals. Not just that, he played drums and guitars too for this band which makes him an all-rounder.

The album Rain Without End is a different take on the subject of sorrow by the man who continues to explain the same through his principal band Katatonia. Recorded in 1997, the album points out the role of a good sound. There is rigorous application of the melancholic atmosphere. Musically this album drapes you with measured quantity of sadness and fans of this particular setup would be left asking for more.

The songs flow in a way that one cannot think of any other order for them, nor would tweaking them in any which way be a good idea. Rain Without End actually works like a barter system where in you surrender your soul in exchange for good music. Provide Rain Without End with some much needed space in your music players to know why I have been captured for good.

Rating : 4.5/5

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