album review : Blood Magick Necromance (2011) – Belphegor

album : Blood Magick Necromance

artist : Belphegor

genre : Death/Black Metal

year : 2011

Belphegor is back and how!

One of the most successful bands to have crawled out of Austria, they tore the hole of metal imagination wider with their exhaustively brutal material. While there was a black metal movement on in Norway, 1991 also saw these satan worshippers begin their journey under the name Betrayer. Soon they realized that having such a ‘simple’ name for what they play would not take them where they want to reach. Thereby came a name that took on everything from the front and today has seen the release of their ninth album Blood Magick Necromance.

They are once again not kind to the weak-hearted and have written some of the most hard-hitting tracks out there. I got the album, concentrated on the parts that needed my attention but believe me at the end of it you will complain that Belphegor wrote just eight tracks for this album. A few more would not have taken anything away from the band. The apocalyptic riffs that have stayed become this album’s strength, while the haunting growls pierce through the ears.

If the oldest member Helmuth invades you with his butt pricking riffs and vocals, the programmed drums match upto it. There are some tracks that are sure going to receive multiple plays. And some more after that. Rise To Fall And Fall To RiseBlood Magick NecromanceDiscipline Through Punishment and Sado Messiah totally get me going. Others are in the process of growing on me.

Blood Magick Necromance is pure masturbation material. And hence it qualifies to replace your inactive sex life.

Rating : 4.5/5

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