album review : Grim Scary Tales (2011) – Macabre

album : Grim Scary Tales

artist : Macabre

genre : Thrash/Death Metal/Grindcore

year : 2011

No! Are you kidding me? This fucked up album set to release on the thirty first of this month had leaked when there was still one month left for the last decade to close. This is my first attempt (no one ever recommended it to me anyways) at allowing Macabre to impress me and they lost their golden opportunity. Hearing Grim Scary Tales and then calling them an influential death metal band is like an insult. How about someone coming and telling you that an unknown wasted douchebag is your father?

aren’t they laughable?

No creativity and zero originality summarizes the release of this American band’s fifth release. The disturbed trio with a pathetic sense of music mix death metal with sick humor and vocals like that. They now have the liberty to shove all their tracks up their ass. You will also find a cover track named Countess Bathory which sounds worthy because it was originally composed by Venom. There are songs talking about certain serial killers too which would seriously offend the murderers. In case all of them referred to on this album are already dead then they will not take up butchering in their next lives.

To add salt to Macabre‘s injury I am not even going to read the titles of their previous albums. The idea of gore that they are making money out of is too ‘low’ for me. They do not fit in any of the genres I mentioned in the beginning. Grim Scary Tales is as ridiculous as a metal release can get.

Rating : 1/5

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37 responses to “album review : Grim Scary Tales (2011) – Macabre

  • Aditya Mehta

    HAHAHA Dude, they’re gonna disband after reading your review 😛

  • Aditya Mehta

    “To add salt to Macabre‘s injury I am not even going to read the titles of their previous albums.”


  • U Suck

    Fuck off dude!!
    You suck.
    Macabre Rules!!!!!!!!

    • Itihas Shetty

      thank you dude.
      yes, I suck.
      If I go by ‘grim scary tales’ then no, they don’t rule.

      • Eat Shit

        Hey wanna-be reviewer, you do suck and you have no freakin business reviewing awesome albums like this one. You Poser wanna-be.
        Fuck off and die. Actually fuck off and go listen to your new age metal bullshit you freakin moron.

        A little advice, keep out of the Death Metal scene, you don’t belong. Go review something like maybe the Metallica album or something. More your speed. If you don’t understand a band, then don’t review them. They have a fan-base has been true to that genre of music for years.

        • Itihas Shetty

          just because I do not like ‘an’ album by one of your favorite band doesn’t mean I listen to new age bullshit, you know. is it a trend to attach anything and everything with new age? well, forget it anyways.

    • U Suck

      Listen to Dahmer that Cd is a great representation of the band.Also Sinister Slaughter is pretty F’n good
      I like the new CD I’ve been listening to this band since 88 and I think its a great progression for them
      I dont know what you normally listen too but if your a metal fan your totally missin out,listen to the Dahmer CD dude,or just give the new one another listen or 2

  • Warren

    Obviously the reviewer has ZERO IDEA about the history of MACABRE.
    Did you know that all 3 members are classicaly trained musicians? That they planned on releasing a classical album called DANSE MACABRE close to twenty years ago.
    Macabre are considered within the death (and black) metal world as one of the most underrated bands out there.
    Their skill as musicians is second to none. That they choose to play in this unique style (and it is unique..its been their sound for over 25 years and copied by countless) is what makes them Macabre.

    No other band in this genre comes close. Go watch em live, and watch each musician individualy. they can out play anyone.

    • Itihas Shetty

      hey how does it matter that they are classically trained when one of their own album sounds like this.
      Anyways I haven’t heard Macabre before and looking at you fanboys I might give it a shot. Wish they knew how to impress people who are new to their music. A band cannot always rely upon their older albums.

  • Seb

    They were there before deathmetal exist…they’ve almost 30 years of making good metal behind them.

  • Olio

    Worst Macabre release that I’ve heard. Still kick arse though.

  • Aditya Mehta

    So much commotion. I’m downloading it to see what it’s like.

  • Aditya Mehta

    *GROAN* It’s humour metal. The only funny metal I like is Beatallica. The music here is not bad at all but whatever. Humour is great and so is metal, but they don’t always make a great combination. *GROAN*


    • Itihas Shetty

      lol. what you felt after hearing this album is the same thing that hit me but in a more extreme way.

      That’s the point they are not humor metal, and just death metal. And like is known they inculcate gore sick humor in their music. but hey we have that being done really well by many grindcore bands.

  • moonmac

    You need to see Macabre live or at least watch their DVD to hear a 25 year span of their music and then you’d appreciate this album! They tell the factual history of killers just like Bill Curtis making his documentaries on sick serial killer sociopath’s, except Bill’s made millions off it, so don’t judge them because they are some of the coolest guys you’d ever meet. That’s how they’ve stayed together for so long, unlike most death metal bands that have been around for a while have had so many line up changes you need a series of charts and graphs to explain it. The energy at a Macabre shows is so incredible and it’s packed with normal people who aren’t so thin skinned and politically correct to automatically dismiss them because of what they sing about. Your a pansy idiot! MACABRE FREAKING RULES!!!

  • Kirk

    I can listen to the music and appreciate this band without knowing anything about their long history. This is great stuff, but I’d say only if you do not look at it as a Death Metal record. They have peculiar songs featuring some very nice melodies and not much of the usual meat and potatoes DM.

    If you’re new to metal, you maybe turned off but if you’re a veteran looking for something different, this band can feed your hunger.

    • Itihas Shetty

      I cannot not look at them as a death metal band and then listen to the album because that is what they are.

      I ain’t new to metal and still this record did not appeal to me. but I’m glad there are appreciators, so bands will never run out of fans which is an outstanding thing in itself.

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  • Lee

    Macabre are not a death metal band they are a Murder Metal band which the genre they created themselves, it’s a mix of Death Metal, Grindcore, Folk Rock, Hardcore Punk, Rock, Jazz, it’s pretty much loads of genre’s mixed into one, if you’d bothered listening to Macabre’s back catalogue you would realise this. This album ,and all of Macabre’s releases are great in their own way you just have to listen to it not expecting a certain type of music as as I said before they have a huge range of music. Check out their whole catalogue from Grim Reality to this album you’ll then realise what they’re actually doing.

  • Eat Shit

    You suck turds for giving the review you did freakin moron. Are u sure u even listen to Death Metal or have any so called knowledge of it.

  • Jerry

    Your review is a joke, learn how to spell fucking right you fucking idiot. Through the whole review you never once explained why you thought Macabre’s music was bad or laughable. All you said was “No creativity and zero originality”. Any pussy can sit back and bitch I’d like to see you make albums and tour for 26 years with a loyal fan base, you cock sucker. You are a worthless sack of shit and your opinion matters less then that.

  • Daniel

    What’s all this about “adding salt to injury”?! To add insult to injury, this reviewer doesn’t appear to have a basic grasp on the English language, therefore it is doubtful they would be intelligent enough to understand Macabre’s forward-thinking “murder-music”. 

    • Itihas Shetty

      I don’t think you made any sense there. ‘add salt to injury’ is a combination of ‘add insult to injury’ and ‘rub salt in a wound’. there you got your explanation, now go listen to your forward-thinking music.

  • Bhaskaran Iyer

    woooowwwwww…. defineately not to the band bt for itihas my ffrnd…. lot of new followers… cheers man. enjoy it… n moreover i think u will be extremely happy to c these comments flow by. dnt u…. i dnt listen to macabre b4 and i did check this album out of curiosity. and i wud give 5 Stars for the review.

  • Arun

    itihas pehle in chutiyon ko bulao aur sunao ki death metal hota kya hai aur bajaya kaise jata hai…. the album sucked to the core. i dnt give a damn if they have a fan base or they have a been in the death metal scene for over 25 yrs… if so y dnt fuckin everybody shout their names. i dnt care if the previous albums ruled bt this album sucks n am not gonna bother listening to their other albums. n dude we were together watchin many live acts n i dnt remember even watchin any MACABRE t shirt there…. hahahahahaha n look at the pic u posted man…. frm which angle do they look like a death metal band…. they are the new backstreet boys i guess.

  • abovethezenith

    Reviews usually come with examples of what you like or in your case do not like. Maybe you aren’t a reviewer, but to just post a review like opinion and not even discuss your thoughts is just lazy.

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