album review : Tiurida (2011) – Falkenbach

album : Tiurida

artist : Falkenbach

genre : Blackened Folk/Viking Metal

year : 2011

The mentors of all things folk return with their fifth offering. It’s been six years and Falkenbach was missed dearly. The way this band understands heathenism, norse mythology and epic tales is known, nothing they record has ever sounded bitter. They have named this album Tiurida and I am finding it hard to choose my words correctly as folk god Vratyas Vakyas has managed another multifaceted record.

Having heard all of Falkenbach‘s previous offerings more than my parents’s advices I know how the sound of this orgasmic band has evolved. Tiurida should not be compared to the past but still manages to quench the thirst. What begins with a few folk chants grows on to a full-fledged ceremony. Tiuruda has it’s share of raw black parts enough to capture the essence of the band. Providing clean vocals, blending it with harshness and arranging the same signature Falkenbach sound is what makes me go down on my knees for Vratyas.

Breezing past the intro Tiurida spreads its arms wide open for a first time listener, while fans like me would play the album and probably slip into a state of meditative unconsciousness. If Time Between Dog And Wolf…Where His Ravens Fly… and Sunnavend are songs to die for, then TanfanaRunes Shall You Know and In Flames are the ones to kill for. Bonus track Asaland cuts the pack to sweetly wind up the soulful album.

Seven tracks (less but fuck yes!) plus one bonus song makes this an eight song chapter and we now have an entrant for the eight wonder of the world. Listening to Falkenbach is like taking higher education in viking / folk metal and it will be fun writing a thesis on Tiurida.

Rating : 5/5

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