album review : To Hell With God (2011) – Deicide

album : To Hell With God

artist : Deicide

genre : Death Metal

year : 2011

What a week it has been for metalheads! In a span of seven days the world has witnessed albums by two of the greatest bands (in their respective genres) and we sure did await these releases with bated breath. If it was Burzum‘s Fallen last week, then it is Deicide‘s To Hell With God this week.

God-haters (and hence god-murderers) Deicide do not shy away from saying what they have to. The first time they opened their mouths it culminated in a classic death metal release. Yes I am talking about their 1990 album Deicide which even the band has not been able to repeat. But they have come close to the album through several of their releases and there hasn’t really been a need to shun any album. What the best part about their tenth album is it’s name that will make the atheists swell with pride. It reads To Hell With God, and forty three year old frontman Benton can be seen in full form.

Addicted to the idea of raping the very existence of religion, almighty and the like, our album opener itself is the title track. As we cross the album track-by-track we realize how particularly determined Deicide is about their sound. The riffing on the album puts us right in the middle of a swirling storm. There is absolutely no compromise when it comes to the lyrics – it never has been, it never will be. Check out the extreme lyrics on Empowered by Blasphemy, Witness of Death, and How Can You Call Yourself a God. Vocally the band has those crazy multi-layered animal-esque growls which has always kept us bound to their albums.

Deicide‘s success had clearly cemented the path that many more bands could follow in order to show the mirror to those god-lovers. Talk about death metal, anti-christianity, satanism in the same breath and even today Glen Benton and group haven’t stepped down from the numero uno position. As a matter of fact even we, the fans of Deicide, still go weak at the knees if there is a mention of the band’s name. Giving To Hell With God a couple of listens would give you a strong aroma of serious satanic death metal.

Rating : 4/5

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