album review : Ukon Wacka (2011) – Korpiklaani

album : Ukon Wacka

artist : Korpiklaani

genre : Folk Metal

year : 2011

Finland is one hell of a metal land. Some of the biggest names in folk metal are from here while the bands that grace the other genres are endless. Korpiklaani (from Finland again) was formed in 2003 and since then they have emerged as a trustworthy player of folk genre. Even though they released seven albums in nine years their work has never been hurried. There have been disappointments but majority of the songs on any of their albums have been a hit. So the success rate of songs has always beaten the failure rate.

With Ukon Wacka the band is seen quaffing their tracks, enjoying every drip. We have eleven new tracks on Ukon Wacka and the album is sounding pretty much how I expected it to sound with the lyrics in their native language. Also, after penning down tracks about booze and boozers, beer and vodka they have now knocked on Tequila‘s door. Since everyone is seen covering a Motörhead track nowadays, on Ukon Wacka there is Korpiklaani‘s version of Iron Fist (from Motörhead‘s 1982 album of the same name). Well there is not much to give and take here, but I suggest you pop this folk pill. It is a happy trip.

Rating : 3/5

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