album review : Doombound (2011) – Battlelore

album : Doombound

artist : Battlelore

genre : Symphonic Epic Metal

year : 2011

I am reviewing this band because of the genre they play. Symphonic epic metal. Battlelore is my introduction to this style of music and I should have gotten into them before. This album here named Doombound counts on epic battles which is one of the themes they write about. The band sticks to their idea with the track names also revealing the same. To anyone who is unknown to this kind of music they would be looking at an extremely melodic band tinged with addicitve female vocals. The melody comes from the guitars mixed well with the oft-played keyboards. They aren’t brutal the way death metal is but brutality can be found hidden in their tracks. You want solos, you have them too. Fate of the Betrayed and Doombound are the best tracks from Doombound as the layers of instruments wrap you like a shawl giving you the warmth. The other songs are not too far behind. The instrumental outro to the album is a warmer too. Once I’m done playing Doombound required amount of times I am going to get their older albums to find out how well they have fared on them. Approved!

Rating : 3.5/5

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