album review : Svig (2010) – Angantyr

album : Svig

artist : Angantyr

genre : Black Metal

year : 2010

Comfortably channelling his energy towards making raw black metal, Danish one-man band Angantyr has churned out another record to prove his worth. And that one person handling everything around is Ynleborgaz. He has his hands full of projects with another notable one being the ambient black metal band Make a Change… Kill Yourself. Being raw is not a new thing for this musician as can be observed from his work.


So 2010 had Ynleborgaz adding another album to his Angantyr discography. Svig has six lengthy tracks that impart the light that many who aren’t into black metal refuse to observe. This release is dark, black and everything but Angantyr has produced darker and blacker stuff before. To me Svig works well for a reason that the tracks help shun the broad daylight around, encapsulating me so I can relax. On the whole, in the black metal galaxy Svig has it’s stem well inside the ground but can be uprooted by several other releases easily. But my word for all those of you who have not heard Angantyr before – you should!

Rating : 3/5

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