Fifty Grands

Never had I thought there would be a time when I’d feel paralyzed without a pen and a paper. Nor had I imagined that I would not be able to survive without scrutinizing my mind to think beyond the ordinary. While today is no special day for the rest, I consider this as one of the best. These fifty thousand hits have not come easy…

I define writing as letting myself loose so the mind can wander about and bring me back such situations that not only hold true to what I am trying to express but also look at life upfront. Although I kept metal – the genre – as the base theme for the blog, there have been several other articles I have thoroughly enjoyed putting down and sure derived a lot of pleasure from. Trying to review everything under the sun helped me broaden. Full-length albums, Eps, demos, teasers, gigsfilms, documentaries, gadgets, et cetera.

Occasional polls, photographs, interactions, interviews kept it going and quite a few of the articles had also risen from my misanthropic nerves allowing me to not beat around the bush when talking hatred. I just love to hate, thanks to my experiences which push me to keep the abomination uncensored and first-rate.

Definitely not someone who believes in hiding anything from my readers I dedicate the next few lines to my own fucking self. In the course of last one year or rather since the time I had stopped forcing myself to write there have been some revelations that need to be documented. First amongst them (and sadly enough) I realized I was the only one in the world who had not watched Simpsons. Trying to ignore what you read would be a sweet gesture, as I was also made aware that free porn sites did exist. *explosions and bright lights*

I think that would be enough to make your day.

Absurd History – the blog – was registered by me on 28th of November, 2009 on wordpress. The first three articles that came on the same day go like this : poetic tribute to Kryptos, review of Workshop’s debut album Khooni Murga (2009), Great Indian Rock XIII (2009) – Bangalore leg review. As of today this piece that you are reading is the 183rd topic here.

I salute the readers. I salute the subscribers. I salute the supporters. The rest of them will reach here soon. There isn’t more to life than being absurd, and this term has a lot more to it than just what it actually means.

Cheers and keep reading,
Itihas Shetty

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