album review : Epoch (2011) – Fen

album : Epoch

artist : Fen

genre : Atmospheric Black Metal/Post-Rock

year : 2011

Atmospheric metal specialists Fen were accepted by the metal fraternity immediately after the release of their debut album The Malediction Fields. The band did not let all that go into their heads, managing another splendid record this year – Epoch. The flavor of this album is in line with their previous one with a lot more oiling.

Smooth coating of unspoken words with the lights flashing right into your eyes make the songs musically unpredictable while they predictably hold your attention. Flying their kite comfortably at their own pace with no intention to race allows them to go in search of stuff they haven’t done in their first album. None of the tracks on the album are below six minutes and the longest one is over ten. Each of the songs can be picked up as national anthems by new and upcoming nations because if there is a need to stand straight (like in India) while the anthem is on then at least it would not be painful.

In no way does the band dupe you with their music, and if their releases go on in the same way then Fen‘s discography would become a sought after one. I’d personally pick the tracks Of Wilderness and Ruin and The Gibbet Elms from Epoch. It would not be wise to not play this album.

Rating : 4/5

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