album review : Sabbatrinity (2011) – Sabbat

album : Sabbatrinity

artist : Sabbat

genre : Black/Thrash Metal

year : 2011

I am ready to bet everything in sight to make you say that the latest thrash release you heard definitely lacked something. Something strong. Could have even made you mad for bothering yourself with it. The problem I had with most of these albums was the recording and the feel I was looking to fill myself with. But here I have these Japanese musicians – Sabbat, who haven’t released a bad song in the longest time. Although it is hard to differentiate between their emotions from their expressions, I am totally into the whole thing they have prepared and presented on their ninth full-length – Sabbatrinity.

The second track on the album, Total Destruction, is so much win that playing it four times too seems like once. Don’t let Sabbatrinity pass off as another one of those witch-themed albums with track names like Witchflight, Witch Hammers, Witch’s Torches, Witch’s Weed. Two to three spins and you will be able to tell one from the other. There are solos that permit the band to add heavy metal also to their resume, and the black / thrash ointment does its job.

It is now that I see the idiom old is gold bathe itself in truth because the songs on Sabbatrinity make me want to shout it out loud. The album seems straight out of old school times without any observable struggle. More like they woke up in the morning and the first thing they did was to make some good old black/thrash. They are right on the money when it comes to riding their instruments without raising sneeze-provoking dust. Hail Sabbat!

Rating : 4/5

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