album review : Day of Reckoning (2011) – Destruction

album : Day of Reckoning

artist : Destruction

genre : Thrash Metal

year : 2011

Basing themselves in Germany, thrash metal maniacs Destruction have never gone unheard. They abide by the rules of making metal for the sake of keeping it real and might I add they make thrash metal the way it should be done. Day of Reckoning has eleven speed-worshipping tracks that have been done for the betterment of thrash metal. Marcel Schirmer sings (or rather, speaks) devotedly helping his band-mates to think faster. Mike Sifringer pulls his guitar and works along with Vaaver who makes the sponsors of his kit fucking proud. Waging themselves in a war against religion, the riffing and soloing reminds you that there is only one religion – music. The album cover could have done with less bling on it but who cares, at least they know how to keep the contents of the compact disc tight. This is Destruction‘s eleventh album and they should just continue, probably they haven’t yet reached where they want to go. There can be only band like Destruction, like there can be only one blog like Absurd History. Be a part of this tribute that Destruction pays to extreme aggression.

Rating : 3.5/5

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