album review : Heretoir (2011) – Heretoir

album : Heretoir

artist : Heretoir

genre : Post-Black Metal/Depressive Rock

year : 2011

Cracking more places in your body for the emotions to flow out, Heretoir‘s self titled debut full-length liberates your dull moments and gives them words. You have to put yourself in their shoes to understand the depth behind those wails they have recorded. This depressive rock outfit is kept alive by two members – Eklatanz and Nathanael. The songs do not leave a mark on you upon the completion of the album’s playtime but while it is playing the melody sucks you. It is an additional responsibility for any band to hold the listener’s attention, specially in a genre like this one and Heretoir’s pace might bore you if you are impatient.

I love the sound of snare drum here, as my mind automatically got redirected to it. Even the production is neat and clean thereby avoiding any part from getting axed out. If you pick up Heretoir looking for some fresh and not-so-challenging music then you will happily gel well with the depression. As opposed to some really depressive bands you do not need to have a strong hold over yourself for this album as it does not disturb you to that extent. Their ability to introduce pleasantness along with the mood they have in mind shows the promising side of Heretoir. My vote is in favor of this album.

Rating : 3/5

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One response to “album review : Heretoir (2011) – Heretoir

  • TweeCo

    I m a “passive music listener” who only passively listen to radio’s music. Visual thing attracts me more. Thanks for sharing. Not just the music. The album’s graphics are very nice.

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