album review : Omnivium (2011) – Obscura

album : Omnivium

artist : Obscura

genre : Progressive/Technical Death Metal

year : 2011

Battling every melo-death release this year to make it to the top are German metallers Obscura. The undying spirit to leave behind technically melodic bands can be seen on their third full-length Omnivium.

Obscura is a strong band as Retribution and Cosmogenesis are their babies and the songs on those clearly showed how stable they were with the genre they intended to record. Multiplying their interest a little more on Omnivium we are showered with nine severely progressive tracks that hugs the technical aspects and lays down a red carpet for melody. The clean parts steal away the attention in between songs but not that we cannot like them because it is all leading somewhere. The growls are more mature allowing the guitarists to belt out solos in a bid to provide wholesome entertainment for their fans.

Placing brutality, progressiveness on one side and melody, technicality on another, the weighing machine seems to have been well balanced with the load falling a bit on the latter side. They have taken everything to more complex levels. Ample amount of space is given to each instrument on Omnivium letting the drummer to drive you insane, and the bass to hit you in the face.

After being exposed to a lot of melodic death metal albums this year, Omnivium is my recommendation as one of the best albums this genre has produced for 2011. Omnivium isn’t a dry album by any means, your heart will thank you for playing this one. Try it!

Rating : 4/5

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4 responses to “album review : Omnivium (2011) – Obscura

  • alekosoul

    I totally agree with you, this recipe filled with brutality, progressiveness, melody and technicality works very well!

    No surprise, with this guys from Pestilence and Necrophagist!

  • Sam

    Just finished listening to this album. I don’t why but I feel I’m hearing nothing ‘spectacular’ that will bring me back to this record. Yes, they have upped their musicianship, but they still lack the ‘oomph’ factor, if you get what I’m talking about. Maybe I’m expecting too much from these guys given their history with Pestilence and Necrophagist, but for me it’s still ‘more of the same shit’. Worth checking out once. That’s about it.

    • Itihas Shetty

      Maybe you had higher expectations from them dude, but I was more than just satisfied. How many bands around put out this kinda technical prowess on display. Anyways you would be catching them live soon, so watch them, come back and tell me how they sound live and whether your opinion remains the same after that. I bet you’ll be made to think otherwise once their music passes through your senses from such a close distance.

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