album review : Blunt Force Trauma (2011) – Cavalera Conspiracy

album : Blunt Force Trauma

artist : Cavalera Conspiracy

genre : Groove/Thrash Metal

year : 2011

Find yourselves in the kingdom of groove with Cavalera Conspiracy‘s latest album Blunt Force Trauma. With their debut album Inflikted that released in 2008 they stamped you enough to take notice and remember them. But the Cavalera brothers hadn’t done anything significantly different then but this time around they have gotten into the intricacies a little more.

The standard compact disc has eleven tracks. Starts off with Warlord where Max Cavalera and Marc Rizzo combine together the sweat required to create thrashy groove. Max screams and shouts in a way that makes his brother Igor Cavalera peel the skin of the drums. Johnny Chow reduces the load on Igor with his bass guitar work that goes along with the kit. Tracks Torture, Lynch Mob, Thrasher along with the first track Warlord are closely monotonous. Igor is caught playing the same beats on almost each track till now. I Speak Hate has an offbeat intro but then with the flow it leaves a similar sounding taste.

Post Target there is a severe boost in the band’s enthusiasm on the cd. Suddenly all instruments have a rebirth with more riffing. It takes a Genghis Khan to help you rotate your head. More groove bestowed upon us here. Burn Waco and Rasputin seem toned down but the title track is a fucking hit. The special edition stocks three more which are Psychosomatic, Jihad Joe and a cover of Black Sabbath’s Electric Funeral. The bonus tracks lengthen the whole album, listen to them only if you have time on you.

Cavalera Conspiracy is definitely going uphill with their new album. Expecting the band to climb more over the metal mountain would come naturally after listening to Blunt Force Trauma.

Rating : 3/5

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