album review : Surtur Rising (2011) – Amon Amarth

album : Surtur Rising

artist : Amon Amarth

genre : Viking Melodic Death Metal

year : 2011

Ranting continuously about Norse mythology at the top of their abilities is Swedish band Amon Amarth. They have released not a few but seven successful Viking themed albums, and have protected their hammers more with melody than their enormous selves.

Getting used to reproducing true stuff, Amon Amarth also hold the distinction of having a sound that can be found only on their albums. But that is exactly what is now going some what against these Swedes. Hardly are there any tracks which I feel I have not heard before on one of their albums. The band is now shooting an arrow and we, the fans, know where it is going to land up.

Surtur Rising (their eighth) has eleven tracks, which like I said aren’t exciting enough. Amon Amarth climbed up the ramp with everything fixed in mind and are now walking the straight road which ain’t horrible but it can easily deviate me from listening to another similar band that might be doing things differently. For the first since the album blasts it is at track number four where I start developing a rapport. Same, same , same and bang comes an elegant melody on Slaves of Fear.

War of the Gods, The Last Stand Of Frej, Slaves of Fear and For Victory or Death are the only tracks you would care about unless you haven’t been exposed to Amon Amarth music. If you haven’t been then Surtur Rising will take you in it’s stride. Had this been one of their earlier albums then I’d have gotten into a bout of apple polishing. The Porcupine Tree cover is better than the original, or so I’d like to believe. No, but seriously it sounds kickass here with a metal touch.

After a few more albums if the band keeps sounding this way then it will become difficult for everyone to pick up one album to suit their mood. And it will be then that you will blame the band even though they have produced such good viking melo-death albums to speak on their behalf.

Rating : 3/5

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