album review : Welcome the Dead (2010) – Hunted

album : Welcome the Dead

artist : Hunted

genre : Progressive Power/Speed Metal

year : 2010

Welcome the Dead has been produced keeping in mind a target audience that is into metal as a whole and not into any sub-genre in particular. Hunted is a five-piece band that watches sunrise and sunset in the United Kingdom. This is probably one of the most exciting new album I have come across in a longtime and it is going to put a slight break on my album-bitching quality.

Satisfaction grips your body once this album begins spinning because it cannot annoy you at any point. Taste this – there are samples of almost all the genres going into the making of Welcome the Dead. Traditional heavy metal supported by progressive power hints without any exaggerated use of speed/thrash makes this everyone’s cup of tea. It’s another way of saying you don’t have to try liking this compact disc.

The tracks have been mandatorily spruced up as they cleverly take on your state of mind. The album begins at one point and takes you to another, adding a lot more value along. Power derived solos, classic heavy metal vocals with the pitch touching the sky and coming back is all a few of the points that I am mentioning as you will be able to see most of the rest yourself.

I am going to separately mention my dislike for the album art. If I go into a music store to pick up Welcome the Dead I might think twice before doing so looking at the front cover. Hunted needs to look into that in future.

Bands like Hunted are the hour’s need and their music has the capability to even make a boat sail against wind. That is how fucking interesting and believable their music on Welcome the Dead is. And I totally would not mind giving this album repeated plays.

Key tracks : The Silence of Minds, Aria (In Memoriam), Scars, Shadows, I Want Nothing

Rating : 3.5/5

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