album review : Welcome to My DNA (2011) – Blackfield

album : Welcome to My DNA

artist : Blackfield

genre : Art Rock, Progressive Rock

year : 2011

This one time we have a time stopper, composed by the duo that is Blackfield. Overwhelmingly full of music, their domain expands to a field of bliss and melancholy only to imbibe themselves in the veins of the listeners. The two collaborators who have been pulling off Blackfield are Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) and Aviv Geffen (Israeli singer). A little research will help you construe the imperial touch these men carry with them, and I still haven’t let the two previous releases – Blackfield and Blackfield II – come in the way of my judgement, because if I throw some light on them then my job would become easier.

Their art rock or simply their progressive rock is a grown-up version of what we know of the genre. It is like how oldies would take on something, with their bag full of experiences. Fortunately for a lot out there their third album – Welcome to My DNA – has more indications of pop than their previous offerings. No corrosion noticed due to this flavor. When talking about the kind of ambience the first two releases carried in comparison to Welcome to My DNA, the new one appears (and sounds) less loud on several aspects. This is more of a mellifluous effort by Blackfield.

The use of instruments is very basic and the vocals are the heart of this album. Lyrically it spans from your everyday life to some much needed thoughts that we do not spare enough. Make it a point to hear what they say on Rising of the Tide, Glass House, Far Away and Zigota, you’ll take back quite a lot from that. There are a certain number of tracks that make you go. “Oh fuck, I so wanted to experience this sound right now!“. The vital ones in terms of everything are most definitely DNA, On The Plane, Oxygen, Dissolving with the Night and Waving.

Imagine a bloated balloon in the air going nowhere but still going somewhere. I said that as such is the case of our life. We do not know where we are going but then we are going somewhere. These are the very reasonings that the songs are assisting me to provide. To give you an abstract view on Welcome to My DNA I’d call this album a holistic silence. Get this new album by Blackfield, then the next time you play musical chairs you’ll definitely enjoy it.

Rating : 4/5

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