album review : Mare (2011) – Kampfar

album : Mare

artist : Kampfar

genre : Pagan Black Metal

year : 2011

Easily the most evolved sound by Norwegian band Kampfar, they have silently made a lot of meaningful noise. Their releases have always dependable whether it was their purity in producing black metal early-on or the more recent excess pagan/folk approach. On Mare, the band’s fifth full-length, Kampfar seems to have mastered the art of continuous learning. All their four albums have been closely filtered, several new elements have been included to that thereby supplying this new and improved healthy sound.

The architecture of songs on Mare has a strong foundation which can be felt from the songwriting. Swinging between melody, brutality and pagan gusto, Kampfar will blow the fans as well as new listeners of their music. All these sparkles have a lot to thank the band’s strong viking mythological interests for. The riffing is structured aligning with the energetic vocal approach by Dolk. His screeches will appease you to enough to repeatedly play this album.

Things are heating up in the Scandinavian black metal scene with so many uniquely artistic bands. It is about time now that several of those bands with just one or two good albums to their credit make way for bands like Kampfar who have consistently managed to shake the neck of black metalheads worldwide. More respect and more support to Kampfar. Mare is must have.

Rating : 4/5

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