Past Life Regression Therapy

My first and only encounter with Past Life Regression Therapy dates back to 2007. Before I talk about what exactly happened with me, I would educate you all a bit about what Past Life Regression Therapy is.

Past Life Regression Therapy (or, PLRT in short) is simply a way of taking the participant towards his past life/lives through hypnosis. Even I faced the question as to why would someone even want to go there. So it was some time in college when I went through what each one of us is looking for. It is to know where we really come from, although it doesn’t really matter, why are we where we actually are and where are we taking ourselves. No, that wasn’t meant to be a tongue-twister. While most of us tried warding off such questions through a cloud of marijuana, I also happened to take a shortcut that wasn’t short after all. The answer to the why that this paragraph has raised would come in the subsequent ones.

The sessions of PLRT are mainly to explore who you were before being born into this life. The reasons for knowing that can range from participant to participant. Some go into it just for the kick, few for the changes it can bring to your future, others go there to get an answer to the problems they are facing in this life, and most others visit their past lives to heal these problems. Your problems could be directly or indirectly linked to some incident in your past life. Most importantly this PLRT ain’t some black magic bullshit or a peak time news material for a television channel. PLRT is a clinically practiced, practically proven technique and it only requires some exposure to take this more seriously. I had a good laugh about the whole thing myself until destiny took me where I never planned to visit.

Dr. Brian Weiss

I was unaware of this subject until I was told about a certain Dr. Brian Weiss, whose books I adored reading afterward. Also, the very mention of past life generated within me an additional interest leading me to spend more time than what I would have otherwise spared for all this things interesting. Dr. Brian Weiss is well-known for his past life sessions wherein his patients were taken back to find the root cause of their present problems. All of these encounters were recorded on tape by Dr. Weiss and have also been documented in his books which I would introduce to you all through separate topics.

It took me a simple google search to know who involved themselves in this therapy in India. A couple of calls later I was talking to this practitioner who did this therapy in Churchgate (Mumbai) where they had a weekly gathering of interested participants. I was told that the group of people who performed the therapy were themselves practitioners (some were doctors, some weren’t) who sat with their individual participants. In case you had a severe problem, which could be emotional as well as physical, they would take the case to the clinic.

past life regression therapy

The participant takes one or more sessions to see his/her past. It depends on the state of one’s mind. A person who has had a fight with his girlfriend or wife should definitely not go for this. A clear mind is a must. You’d say that the person handling the participant should be a qualified doctor but from what I’ve read it can also be done by someone who has an interest in this field as it does not take a degree to hypnotize and talk to someone. It’s more like practice. This woman asked me to lie down with my eyes closed. She began talking to me asking for my increased concentration towards a white light that I was supposed to imagine. It’s hard but it happens.

You keep talking to the therapy performer by telling them what you see. You can even sense your feelings at that particular situation in your mind. Each session of mine lasted about half an hour to forty five minutes. First two sessions yielded no results. It was the third one where I saw myself as a young girl some where in the nineteenth century. The girl (which was me) had a strange longing within her which made her sad most of the times. Every time I tried to see ahead I would somehow lose concentration. The fourth and fifth sessions were brief owing to my reduced interest in investigating it further. I guess I have less patience because there was this man out there who was doing this for an year and kept visiting his ‘many’ lives. The strange part of this is you would remember what you saw clearly after you are wide awake. I can recall it after almost four years.

mind and it's several questions

I am not endorsing PLRT nor am I saying that this is the end of all your problems. It is just one way of looking at your recurring issues, which could also include bad dreams or nightmares. If you talk to people who have undergone PLRT they will always provide you a positive reply. My therapy did not benefit me in any way although it was my fault that I did not continue it. I was too bored to go there in the first place. I grew out of the fact that I would go through it but I still enjoy going through books that put down such experiences. If you are reading this and think that this could help then it isn’t too late to give it a try. It’s an experience that would mostly be enjoyed by those who have a habit of asking questions to themselves about themselves.

Note : Remember that you aren’t really a patient if you go in for this therapy. That is the sole reason I addressed the people interested in PLRT as ‘participants’ in my article.

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