album review : Circle Regenerated (2011) – Norther

album : Circle Regenerated

artist : Norther

genre : Melodic Death Metal

year : 2011

Beautifully blended set of melodic death songs that do not seem to miss Petri at all. All this on Norther‘s sixth full-length Circle Regenerated. Finnish band Norther lost their dedicated vocalist/guitarist (and, founder) Petri Lindoos to his other project Ensiferum almost two years back and soon found a replacement in Aleksi Sihvonen. This new man on vocals whom I’m unaware of does not make it hard for you to like Norther again, considering it would be easy for you to like atleast four of their last five albums (just being safe).

It might have been tougher for Aleksi to fill someone’s shoes who has been with the band since it’s inception. Man, does he impress or what! Aleksi cruises the songs ahead thereby taking the lead with the guitarists providing him the shoulders to fall back on. Drums blasts appeal to the overall melody coming out of the songs. The songs aren’t cliched like how it has been lately with many of the melodic death albums I’ve been listening to. Solos are the unique selling point of Circle Regenerated.

Even after keeping this album away from us for years would not take away the freshness Norther is providing here. One of the top melodic  death albums to have come out of Finland this year. Let’s hear it for Norther!

Rating : 4/5

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