album review : Opus Mortis VIII (2011) – Vomitory

album : Opus Mortis VIII

artist : Vomitory

genre : Death Metal

year : 2011

Members of Swedish death metal outfit Vomitory must surely be enjoying all the high ratings they are receiving for their new album Opus Mortis VIII, but let me be the first one to announce the averageness of this record. When I get ready to play a band like Vomitory I expect it to blow me away, nothing less. But there is nothing new that the scientists at Vomitory have done to death metal on Opus Mortis VIII.

There are riffs that pump your blood, but there are even some that sound like I’ve heard them before. The genre is presented absolutely how it has to be, and who else could have presented their trade better than Vomitory themselves. The production is mad, so the band is seen abiding by all the rules of this extreme genre. And that is it.

Does it make it necessary for us to like an album by one of our favorite death metal band? The answer is NO. Opus Mortis VIII does not spank me enough with death metal, and hence I ain’t driven to vomit. Good luck with the next album, Vomitory.

Rating : 3/5

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