album review : The Great Mass (2011) – Septic Flesh

album : The Great Mass

artist : Septic Flesh

genre : Death/Atmospheric Metal

year : 2011

Some of the greatest crimes that have been committed in the world will now officially have a background score to go with the crime scene. Yes, I am referring to the new release by Septic Flesh and they rightly call it The Great Mass. Always preferring their music to be atmospheric driven by blast beats, Septic Flesh does not let you feel devoid of black metal as well as death metal. They balance their act well.

I particularly have seen The Great Mass grow on me, because the first time I played it there wasn’t this urge to revisit. A few days later I realized those tunes playing in my head are actually from Septic Flesh‘s latest. That’s the magic we are in for. The atmospheric content raised by the orchestrations shine higher here. The band does not lose sight of the base, hence a lot of remorseless drumming. Five-Pointed Star off this album shows you the maturity in songwriting, so you don’t sit and analyze. You simply accept this orgasmic progression happening on the track.

There are phases on the songs with ups and downs. With repeated listens I have learnt to welcome the progressions. The intro guitar work on Rising helps the track take the swift route of building up on the same riffing. Highlights of the album are Apocalypse, Therianthropy, The Vampire from Nazareth, Pyramid God,

Nothing on the album is uncalculated, which is why fans of the band’s old albums will give time to understand the music. I want more of The Great Mass to satisfy my greed for atmospheric metal. You don’t take a chance with Septic Flesh, you just play them.

Rating : 4/5

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10 responses to “album review : The Great Mass (2011) – Septic Flesh

  • Aditya Mehta

    Cool stuff. Check out their Sumerian Daemons, man… you’ll like it more than this!

  • Sam

    Spot-on review, mate! I’d have never imagined they’d top Communion in any fucking way. This record will rip you a new one on every fucking listen.

    • Itihas Shetty

      yes mate, Septic Flesh has grown to become one strong unit. They make so much sense with their music even after seven albums. Now that’s a rarity.

      • Sam

        Hah! If things work out, I might catch them live alongside Bodom, Townsend and Obscura. Now that’s a win, no?

        • Itihas Shetty

          yes of course dude, it is a BIG fvcking win. With a mad and varied line-up like that you seem to be on an upward swing. Where are you from by the way?

          • Sam

            I’m ex-Matungaite and now a full-time wanker in the land of Virgins, Virginia. Hang Hidri? –that’s the only bit of Kannada I know. πŸ˜›

            • Itihas Shetty

              hahaha, ‘nan channag idene’. That meant ‘I’m fine’ in Kannada. Well, my mother tongue is Tulu but I can manage a conversation in Kannada.

              Oh, so you are right now in the land of Lamb of God. You are one lucky wanker. πŸ˜›

  • Sam

    In fact, I’m half-Kannadiga. Never bothered to learn Kannada or Tulu, just a few phrases here and there.

    Oh yes, I have seen LOG twice. Once with Metallica and Gojira, and the other time with Mastodon, Baroness and Municipal Waste. πŸ˜›

    BTW are you a Primordial fan? If not, you should check out their albums. ‘To The Nameless Dead’ is a masterpiece imo.

    • Itihas Shetty

      nice meeting you, Sam. and let’s not get into whom all you’ve watched live. πŸ˜›

      I’m not a Primordial fan but I have checked their albums out. Not sure whether I have heard the one you’ve mentioned here. But I’ll be playing β€˜To The Nameless Dead’ soon.

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