album review : Macabre Eternal (2011) – Autopsy

album : Macabre Eternal

artist : Autopsy

genre : Death Metal

year : 2011

I have been wanting to visit old school because that is where all the fun is. The out rightly in-your-face music that is not only cool to listen to but also dirty brings out the best in you. The old school management has had American players Autopsy contributing to the rulebook since 1987, but only until 1995 when they decided to hang up. We saw a release directly in 2010 with their Ep The Tomb Within. Although the songs on the Ep did not give me an erection I had a feeling the band has some other plans. So yes, I felt right.

Autopsy‘s fifth full-length Macabre Eternal is here, with the quality of death metal you expect from them. Being one of those bands who speak less and play more (both in terms of quality and quantity), Autopsy has once again proved that they are the band to trust when it comes to performing unclean metal post-mortems. Their first full-length since 1995, Macabre Eternal easily sticks to you in terms of it’s appeal. Even after sixteen years.

Extremely minimal weathering in the way Autopsy plays, or rather in the way they sound. Still I’d have voted for their old sound as it had a soul in itself. Neither their hands nor their instruments have rusted, which pretty much is out there on all their tracks. Chris Reifert is still carrying his signature vocals that makes him identifiable. The tunes are raw, drumming is sorted as well. So they go beyond just providing satisfaction on their new record.

Long live, Autopsy.

Rating :4/5

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