album review : Skyforger (2009) – Amorphis

album : Skyforger

artist : Amorphis

genre : Modern Rock/Melodic Metal

year : 2009

I committed a sin by not writing about the most gorgeous album to have released in 2009 – Skyforger by Finnish metallers Amorphis. The songs here will pierce your heart due to the high emotional quotient of the album. All credit goes to the advancement they have made in understanding melody. I never doubted the band’s capability to produce something like this, just that I’m amazed at how well the songs have been spun together.

Without being told to do so, you’ll say a few worthy words in favor of the album art yourself. It will not take you more than a second to close your eyes when the first note hits. Far away from this world, you’ll reach somewhere in the middle of nowhere. You do not want to be disturbed, not even by your own self. The synthesizers and vocals are the aspects that will begin their game with your mind. Track after track the melodic wheel spins around you. Nothing can spoil the web that has been crafted.

Slowly, you’ll fall in love with everything about the album.

My pod was running out of battery when I had reached Highest Star on the album. I could not wait to charge the player and get on with the remaining. Talking about my pod, how will I ever remove this album from my music player? I’m allergic to such good music, and there is no reason I should. I cannot give you a better picture of how addictive this record is. To the dudes at Amorphis, accept my honest article and my rating for what you guys have given me through Skyforger.

Rating : 4.5/5

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