album review : Illud Divinum Insanus (2011) – Morbid Angel

album : Illud Divinum Insanus

artist : Morbid Angel

genre : Death Metal

year : 2011

My first reaction upon hearing the latest by Morbid fucking Angel was a bout of laughter. Going by the name Illud Divinum Insanus, their ninth album is like a deformed slut who isn’t interested in providing you with any pleasure no matter how hard you try. Fans had to wait for eight long years to hear the album and now they’d know the value of time, because it could well be spent doing everything else but being loyal to their favorite death metal band. Industrial electronic elements found in an album by one of the greatest old school death metal bands is sure going to make fans feel weak almost everywhere.

The initial few minutes on Omni Potens reminded me of that Bollywood track ‘soldier soldier…’. Laugh out loud! Those thumps on Too Extreme! (is that even a song name?) almost led me to molest the man standing next to me while it played. Frustration? Right. The oft-heard marching beats made way for the first likeable track named Existo Vulgoré. The feeling continued on the next track Blades for Baal, 10 More Dead, Nevermore. Short-lived happiness as I am Morbid was what I was heard saying after hearing a track by the same name.

Weirdest creation on the album in terms of track name, feel, soul and metal is Destructos Vs. the Earth / Attack. Nothing more nothing less. Even hated Beauty Meets Beast. I cannot guarantee you that Radikult and Profundis – Mea Culpa was produced by Morbid Angel, it could also have come through a bunch of clowns preparing for their next circus stunt.

I have already forgotten those eleven tracks I heard on the album. Too bad that I have to say this about a death metal offering, which implies that it did not make any impact. And you might have noticed I have stopped saying it’s an album by Morbid fucking Angel that we are talking about.

In the same league as Macabre‘s last album Grim Scary Tales, musical entertainment is a lot to ask for over here. It’s like I so want that cone of chocolate ice-cream to slide down my throat but my throat itself is fucked. There is a folder in my hard disk which I have named ‘unwanted noise’. It holds albums that need not be ever visited again except to remind me of the sheer horror I experienced while they blared from my speakers. Illud Divinum Insanus is now a proud entrant.

Rating : 2/5

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28 responses to “album review : Illud Divinum Insanus (2011) – Morbid Angel

  • Utkarsh

    I heard this album getting panned by critics EVERYWHERE. And now even you. Now I usually listen to something (even if it’s bad) before I form an opinion. But this is probably the first time I’m afraid of even attempting to listen to this. Is it REALLY as bad as it’s made out to be ???

    PS – what are the other albums in your “Unwanted Noise” list. Just curious.

  • Aditya Mehta

    I think the album is fine. The band obviously didn’t want to force another death metal album out and so, went with what they thought best. They obviously knew what they were putting out, and they know better than anyone else what they’re worth in the death metal and what their contribution to the genre has been. The important thing is they stayed true to themselves, unlike bands who aren’t true to anyone, like those shitfarts Dimmu Borgir.

    Those 3-4 death metal songs on the album should let their shitfucked fans know that Morbid Angel could easily have churned out another 3-4 tracks like those, but they didn’t because they didn’t want to.

    I don’t mind industrial music, and as much as I would’ve liked some classic death metal from Morbid Angel, if this is what the band wants, so be it.

    • Itihas Shetty

      agreed Aditya, but what do you have to say about those electronic sections?

      The argument that you have provided in favor of ‘Illud Divinum Insanus’ is a very generic one, this could be used for Metallica’s ‘St Anger’ as well or maybe any other album that has disappointed us. Saying that they did not make good metal because they didn’t want to is like saying I could not score well in my exams because I didn’t want to. Either way, we know what should have actually been done.

  • Aditya Mehta

    What should have actually been done is not for any of us to decide, my friend. Morbid Angel has given us amazing death metal but we don’t own them or their minds.

    Deicide continue to make death metal but look at what a shit job they’re doing of it. If a legendary death metal band is going to make shitty death metal but wants to continue making music, I’d rather they try their hand at another style.

    • Itihas Shetty

      I know what should have actually been done is not for any of us to decide but us fans have a huge say in this, right? There is a role all of us have played in shaping up Morbid fvcking Angel. They were free to do what they wanted to and this is what they did. 😛

      Talking about Deicide, they haven’t been doing that bad after all. Infact, I enjoyed To Hell with God

  • Aditya Mehta

    I think that’s taking it a bit to far. Morbid Angel have played a role in our lives, you and I haven’t played a role in how their music was made. If that had been the case, they would have forced a a half-cooked death metal album out just like Deicide did.

  • Utkarsh

    Hmmmm. Interesting opinions by both of U. Guess I’ll just have to check it out for myself.
    Itihas…..are u doing any reviews for the latest albums by Torchbearer, Shining, Alestorm, Falconer ???

    • Itihas Shetty

      at the moment I’m not sure about reviewing any of the four bands that you’ve mentioned dude. but I fvckin’ loved Shining’s new and I heard Falconer’s ‘Armod’ is really worth checking out! don’t know about the releases by the other two bands. I’m hoping I’ll get time to write about at least two of them.

  • navin

    great review…my thoughts exactly. i am still cringing when i remember the line ‘march, march!’ from destrucktos vs the earth and the new rap-anthem ‘radikult’

  • G

    You molested a man because of a song? HAHHAHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Xenz

    I agree.

    Some advocates talk about being “Open minded?”

    I listen to bands in all genres of metal. Immolation is my favorite death metal band, and I listen to Within Temptation for christ sake! That is quite a span compared to most other metal fans. I find bands that I love in almost every genre outside metal as well. Including industrial and electronic music of all kinds. And many other openminded metal fans, prob. most will hate this record.

    There is without any doubt a lot of narrow-minded losers among metal fans. I even think there are more of those than not…

    …but this has nothing too do with being narrow. This albums experimental tracks is just terrible, plain and simple. If anyone wants industrial there are tons of bands out there that does a great job. Morbid Angel does not!

    And for the death metal tracks on the album. They are not terrible, they are ok, but not more than ok. They sound like a pale echo from Domination.

    I have never seen such a band-fail in my life. Bands change (and that is a good thing most of the time). When they do so they lose some fans and get new fans. Morbid Angel will lose a lot of fans and get few new ones. People who are into whatever it is Morbid Angel tries to do here will find tons of other bands that pulls this off. Morbid Angels attempt is _pathetic_

    Now, I will give the death metal songs on the album one more try… and delete the album from my fucking iTunes library. There are tons of shit in it, really bad stuff too, that I should clean out a day I have time to it. But this one goes very soon…

    • Itihas Shetty

      hey Xenz .. you’ve really been let down by this band. I know how it is, and there are many of us who are feeling the same way. On a positive note we did have loads of weekend entertainment at the expense of ‘Illus Divinum Insanus’. I hope you got a chance to check out what Hitler had to say about the album, and some really interestingly funny reviews / articles are also floating around the net. Check them out, give me a high-five and it’s time we put the album behind. cheers.

      • Sam

        I may sound like a close-minded stuck up piece of shit metchulhead, but in comparison to all their previous releases, this one’s a BIG FAIL. Throwing out the industrial sound, rest of DM tracks are pretty mediocre. 8 years and a release like this is, in no way, does justice to their fans. I can understand the need for some musical progression, but this level of experimentation, is not what 8 years of waiting worth for.

        • Itihas Shetty

          exactly my point Sam. I bet I made a few enemies along the way with this review but I couldn’t help spitting out the truth. An album is supposed to uplift you, and I was seen looking here and there for another new album to get past this release. Thankfully Origin did not waste any time (as well as my time) in coming out with a respectable and enjoyable death metal album.

  • album review : Entity (2011) – Origin « Absurd History

    […] the Illus Divinum Insanus chapter closed even before the release, I was slipping into post-crap depression in the aftermath. […]

  • gauravburzum

    Dude, i didn’t find this all that bad, atleast not that bad “to molest the man standing next to me :P” lol, but it might be because i have not been a religious follower of Morbid Angel, or much death metal. It’s the real hardcore fan base, who seem to be really disappointed by this !

  • Utkarsh

    Well…having listened to this atleast 5-6 times with an open mind to try and understand what the hell they were they were thinking here….I must confess, this is just horrible horrible stuff. Cut out the “Blades For Baal” from this and all U have left is just pure rubbish.

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