album review : Entity (2011) – Origin

album : Entity

artist : Origin

genre : Technical Brutal Death Metal

year : 2011

With the Illus Divinum Insanus chapter closed even before the release, I was slipping into post-crap depression in the aftermath. Along came a savior – Origin – and they are releasing an album on the same day as Morbid Angel. Forget competition, there is not even a comparison between the two.

Entity is the sixth full-length offering by Origin and you’ll find yourself trapped in a tsunami of death metal. Oh, I so missed those blast beats cruising at the speed of light, the umbrella of maddening riffs and those crazy vocals complementing all of the above. After the first listen, I can strongly see the band attempting things differently but let me make it clear that Origin does not compensate in any which way. They are here to make things uneasy for you with their peculiar mix of technicality and brutality. Dare you point a finger at them, if you do then you’d be washed away. They are playing that level of metal here.

Origin has honed the skill of writing songs that brings their imagination to life. They don’t just play songs they enact the whole idea. The pulverising riffs do the translation, while the drums open fire at the same time. Be it Explosion of Fury, Conceiving Death, Swarm, Banishing Illusion or Evolution of Extinction they all seem like a tale is being told. Vocally it is a race between screeches and growls and both finish first. Committed, Banishing Illusion, Consequence of Solution, Purgatory and Saliga could be chapters in effective dual-vocal delivery.

I am more than just satisfied by Entity. Now what you have to do is keep a nail against a wall and play Entity, you’ll observe the nail driving itself inside. The band isn’t wrong in naming themselves Origin because, my fellow metal heads, this is where it all begins.

Rating : 4/5

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