album review : Sounds of a Playground Fading (2011) – In Flames

album : Sounds of a Playground Fading

artist : In Flames

genre : Melodic Death/Modern Metal

year : 2011

A band that did not look here and there while defining their music in the early nineties is now seen running around inside a confuse box. I pick up the older albums by In Flames for understanding their melodic commandments, which they showcased on their earlier work. This time too the reasons for checking out their new 2011 release Sounds of a Playground Fading remained the same. While they’ve been letting the fans down through most of their previous releases, Sounds of a Playground Fading is somewhat of a mixture of their earlier work and what they accidentally play now in a twenty-seventy ratio. With more proportion of their latter offerings which obviously amounts to mistakes made. Fear is the Weakness is the only track where I was on the same plane as the band. Shredding their modern metal persona for once, they apply the same logic on Liberation. Rest of the tracks seem like a body without a soul, the track is playing but where is the melody and In Flames in it. This track called Darker Times was unnecessary in the middle of it all, so it’ll be crowned as the oddest song in a recent release. Like how most fans like calling them In the fuckin’ Flames, it can be seen that the band is finding it difficult to keep the flame burning. Because the sound on this particular playground sure seems to be fading.

Ratings : 2.5/5

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7 responses to “album review : Sounds of a Playground Fading (2011) – In Flames


    if letting the fans down with older releases include come clarity im so not with you.. because i personally loved it where as if you just meant a sense of purpose I felt that too…while this one wasn’t that bad you might have disliked it because of the low screams and growls …and a lot of experimentation that I did appreciate …but it failed to appreciate me never the less
    In Flames we trust !

    • Itihas Shetty

      The trust itself is blinding fans to not see the diminishing depth in their music, because like you mentioned ‘Come Clarity’ and ‘A Sense of Purpose’ deserve a salute for the band’s efforts. But on ‘Sounds of a Playground Fading’ the band seems to have played music without putting their heart into it. If there is someone looking for a good melodic metal release this year and come across ‘Sound of a Playground Fading’ then I don’t think they’d bother checking out the other releases by In Flames.

      Also, one melodic death metal release this year that had me on my knees is Deathstar Rising .. you should get this album!



  • Karthik

    I didnt bother checking out this album, and I dont intend to.

  • Utkarsh

    We have about 5 songs which are good like – “Fear Is The Weakness”, “Where The Dead Ships Dwell”, “Darker Times”, “Ropes”, and “New Dawn”…..but the rest of this album is pretty boring.

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