Ep review : Abominate. Annihilate. (2011) – Dark Carnage

ep : Abominate. Annihilate.

artist : Dark Carnage

genre : Melodic Death Metal / Progressive / Math Metal

year : 2011

Written entirely to get back at everything that is wrong around us, Guwahati-based Dark Carnage has dived into the scene with their own brand of logically progressive and melodic dark metal. A leaf out of their book will amount to several genres being payed tribute to, each of them being allowed into their record through this band’s personal invitation.

When musicians have mood swings they produce an extended play that sounds like Abominate. Annihilate. The Ep begins on a blissful note with strums at a brisk pace, accompanied by harmonious keyboards. I wished for The Unfolding to continue but then I realized that this is not what Dark Carnage is here to do. Ironically enough the first forty seconds on Tyrannical Generation go easy on you. Post that there is an undeniable surge where in things take a sudden dark twist. In true metal-style, Dark Carnage plays host to a ceremony of fast-paced darkness. Mind you, dark here is a blend of goth, black, melody and math.

While the song does start to give one a feeling of heard-this-somewhere, the band holds the harness and begins playing the unexpected. Now that is where originality steps in and we sight progression. Undead Redemption and Deathmarch Destruction are hurried math metal tracks. The manner in which the pawns are toppled here is illustrious with the credit going to those ballsy riffs. A derivative of all their influences, the last track Acrimony of Terrorism sets the record straight. I love this track for it’s complexity, the originality, the flow and for it’s replay factor. I can play this track over and over again considering it is beyond just metal, it is a lot of music.

Through controlled structuring the neatness is maintained in the tracks, and I now have a lot of expectations from this band. Few vocals variations would do good to the band. The drummer hits it hard enough for Dark Carnage, and the synth plays the same role for this band that our heart plays for us pathetic humans. If this is the level of math-ness the band has imbibed on their debut then up next it should be totally over our heads and I am seriously hoping for a cracker. I personally like the sound produced by Lucid Recess Studio and they’ve used their hands well on this Ep.

Abominate. Annihilate. is an instance of noteworthy metal from the north-east and all those people who cry foul on forums about bands from their area not being favored should just relax. Because if the music and determination is on display from the artist’s side then all attention automatically shifts to them. So if someone, by will, does not want to fill themselves up with metal that has been done justifiably well then the least that can be done by you is to just pick up the album and play it as loud as you can. Then it would serve every purpose.

These youngsters from Dark Carnage are out to get you. They promise to abominate you with their instruments, they have decided to annihilate you with their music, so it would only be fair on your part to just surrender.

Rating : 3.5/5

Check out this review at Indian Rock Mp3 here : Ep review : Abominate. Annihilate. (2011) – Dark Carnage

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