album review : A Rose for the Apocalypse (2011) – Draconian

album : A Rose for the Apocalypse

artist : Draconian

genre : Gothic Doom Metal

year : 2011

A Rose for the Apocalypse is spruced up with the tried and tested recipes from Draconian‘s own book of secrets. The grinder of atmospheric riffs is kept running while throat-challenging growls are added to it along with drums that aren’t forced at all. If not for the lovable clean vocals by Lisa Johansson I doubt if the songs on A Rose for the Apocalypse would have had the same doom effect. Pauses while the songs are flowing do not make me fast forward them, in fact I prepare myself for the powerful barrage of heavy music that is to follow. Every Draconian listener knows the band has a sound of their own and only a fan can understand how uplifting their music can be. I urge you to devote your ears to the Draconianism that is at it’s best on End of the Rope and Dead World Assembly. They have so much fucking melody on this latest album of theirs that it sent me packing into a state of trance. I found it hard to move on even though it was long since the album had moved on. Rating : 3.5/5

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